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Its me..
far from perfect,
just a being
not a cover boy
not a symbol of rightness
trying to better my everyday best..

an optimist, intuitive, inquisitive, social species enjoys unscripted daily life with complete madness and complicated tiny mind filled with crazy thoughts, trying to live through diverse travel experience and renaissance interests, exploring meaning of life- to lead a meaningful one.

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Where abouts: My longitude & latitude kept changing almost every 12-18months for past 5 to 6years, started my journey from home/India.. to Spain(first love), then a year long life in tokyo/japan..to SFO/US..to London..to Athens/Greece..back to London and now in Luxembourg. nope not vagabonding, I don't have enough courage to move away from daily rat-race completely. but iam lucky enough to use every possible opportunity to travel and explore life in new city/country.

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Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down
The day ends with a smile yet begins with a frown
Sat here at work very late, a place where I don't want to be
Yet it pays for the good times, where I can truely be free
The wrinkles get bigger, another hair turns from black into grey
Time flashes by like lightning across the sky
Our lives moving in the blink of an eye
Friends they come and friends they sure go
The good times ae locked in our minds, we just go with the flow
I call out as I need more friends
No longer can I deny it, no more will I pretend
It's not that I'm lonely or dwelling in the past
Just need some new people, friends that will last
No racists or people who have issues with life
Just easy going people, no trouble or strife
In return what I offer is a friendship thats fun
Everyday will feel like it's only just begun
Escaping the rat race, live life on the run
If the above little rhyme rings a familiar bell
Send me a mail, I'll send you one as well
That's it for now. I'll sign off and say goodbye
Enjoy your day people, no matter how hard you try.