Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Primary Education in India... Reform Required

Recent success made wondering why such companies are not created in India. certainly we are tech powerhouse and we dont lack in knowledge in buliding such websites or companies.. then why dont we have many such 'youtube' companies not in india with international success..!? Reason could be many - lacks encouragements for start-ups, investments, acquistions, etc.. but I force on people skill to create such market leading invasions.

Free India did not have the will to fulfil Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of reviving the ancient tradition of the village schoolmaster, supported by the community, his status and survival as a "guru" being embedded within the culture and ecology of his immediate environment. Instead the government chose to continue with efforts to educate the masses through a vast, centralised machinery and superstructure of staff, infrastructure and resources. results has show the success of this system depends solely on expenses and affordability. It thus gives rise to a situation where a mass of underprivileged and under-educated children face a largely urban elite population of privileged schoolchildren. Every poor Indian who can manage to make both ends meet thus strives to join the ranks of far better (and more expensive) schools, because only these can form the gateway to higher education.

In my response to Mr.P.V.Indiresan's Vision 2020 Series - Make knowledge utilitarian specially on Education.."Our education system is designed for the well-to-do by the well-to-do who are copying ideas from rich Western countries.".. and.."In India, training institutions operate autonomously in splendid isolation. They have little or no compulsion or incentive to satisfy either the student or the employer".. somuch truth in this. This is one of major reason why many 'youtube' are formed in India.

To certain extent globalization is increasing India's literacy rate but not producing enough educated minds to change political and economy structure. Millions of school children are taught the same content in the same linear sequential order. Teachers continue to deliver an old style of book learning which does not take into account the nature of today's information-age economy or even some of the needs of day-to-day living. Result is: higher drop-out rate among economical backward and immigration to western world among economical forward or capable's. Needless to mention, both is not good for our future.

Land of billion people - No sports, No Invasions,.. I would blame all educators and employers. although, role of government would dominate in any debate, I would keep them out since so much can be done with little/no support from government (may be Iam thinking like the way: IT industry had revolutionized itself thru globalization with little support from government)

Even though the problems in our education system has been recognized and discussed for many years in various forum, little or no action has taken place. I believe, this is due to conservative nature of employers & educators. The main reason for the failure, however, is that contemporary education lacks a mission that is in tune with today's social and economic realities, which has evolved and changed at a much faster rate than our schools. It is not just that so much that the content of the curriculum is out of date and also that the style of education is not suited to contemporary needs and challenges. Some schools may be providing knowledge for development in particular fields (..,doctor, lawyer,..) but certain doesn't have process to equip pupil with skills to update that knowledge in changing times.

A great deal of lip service is paid to the ideas, but neither the schools, employers nor government seem willing or able to commit reform in education. Instead we are wasting time by debating about quota system in IITs and IIMs.

As I read sowhere, It is ultimately left to each one of us in the educational field to move one small step forward towards this transformation of vision towards reorientation of values and objectives of education. Education places an overriding value on products over people, on achievement over harmony.

We now need a name for those who love people more than products,
those who believe that
No people are uninteresting
Their fate is like the chronicle of planets.
Nothing in them is not particular and planet is dissimilar from planet.
We need a name for those who love the earth on which each can meet the other.
And if a man lived in obscurity
making his friends in that obscurity
obscurity is not uninteresting.
- Yevtushenko’s poems

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Anonymous said...

You touched the raw nerve of the issue. Just now I was reading an article by Pankaj Mishra, in International Herald Tribune
'the myth of the new India' expressing in similar lines.

Ofcourse, it is in the hands of the individual, to take the lead in developing a vision towards reorientation of values and objectives of education