Monday, January 29, 2007

Making Globalization Work by Joseph Stiglitz

An bold new insight about globalization from its one of the closest observers and toughest critic, Noble Prize winner-Sir Joseph Stiglitz .

Books draws equally from author's academic expertise and his time spent on ground-0. Its very innovative and more practical vision for a successful and equitable world. Stiglitz focuses on policies that truly work, offering fresh new thinking about the questions that shape the globalization debate, including a plan to restructure a global financial system made unstable by America’s debt, ideas for how countries can grow without degrading the environment, a framework for free and fair global trade, and much more.

Stiglitz reveals that economic globalization continues to outpace both the political structures and the moral sensitivity required to ensure a just and sustainable world. And he makes plain the real work that all nations must undertake to realize that goal.

Recently The Hindu organized Lecture in Chennai, India about Making Globalization Work. you can find audio files of those interesting speech and Q&A below:

Introduction by N. Ravi, Editor, The Hindu (9.13 mins)
Lecture; Part 1 (8.48 mins)
Lecture; Part 2 (10.00 mins)
Lecture; Part 3 (5.18 mins)
Lecture; Part 4 (3.32 mins)
Lecture; Part 5 (7.02 mins)
Lecture; Part 6 (7.33 mins)
Lecture; Part 7 (10.08 mins)
Lecture; Part 8 (5.23 mins)
Question Time; Part 1 (11.23 mins)
Question Time; Part 2 (13.15 mins)
Question Time; Part 3 (16.42 mins)

Another interesting Q & A with Joseph Stiglitz - Click here

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