Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SunTV refuses to air Rediff’s Commercial

Sun TV have refuses to Air Rediff’s advertising campaign for its unlimited email storage offering, since it has claimed to find objectionable content. The south Indian TV company has rejected the ad, and so it will not be aired on any channels of the group. The ad apparently shows two girls having a conversation about something “big” their colleague Raju has. They ask each other in amazement, ‘Is it really that big?’ The shot moves to the rest of the office, where other employees are also wondering about Raju’s ‘big’ thing. Finally, one of them asks Raju, ‘Is it really that big?’ Raju replies, ‘It’s not big, it’s unlimited.’ Funny! The commercial has anyways been rejected by Kala Nidhi Maran’s Sun TV network.

Do you find this ad content offensive?? If yes, Does it make sense if only TV network takes this stands..!?

Frankly, I don't care.

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