Monday, April 02, 2007

Mobile video banking

The UK's first direct in November announced plans to offer video access to customer representatives over the mobile phone network in an experimental technology trial with wireless operator 3.

And now AT&T has previewed a new mass-market service for transmitting live streaming video via mobile phone. The VideoShare service will be launched this summer in more than 50 US markets. The telco is providing a demo of potential applications for the service here. The seven flicks on show demonstrate use of the system by field technicians, tourists, consumers,etc..

Much will depend on pricing (and battery drain), but it’s a compelling application that could quickly capture the popular imagination.

The banking industry would do well to follow first direct’s example and start thinking through the implications, with particular reference to call centre training programmes and offshore service provision.

The days of broadcast media training for bank call centre operatives may not be far off.

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