Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Indian Political Reform...

Everyone is talking about Economy Reform and its importance for growth & Opportunities. But what we need today is Political Reform for better governance.

Yes, with UP election just completed and recently DMk drama, I was thinking India Political system needs Reform. Its hard to believe, why not many is talking about it? and brains of media is not spending time & effort to push such agenda among person (in)directly into Election Commission.

my suggestions:

1) any MP or MLA, elected cannot switch parties after election. Doing so, should trigger new election for that constitution.

2) Collusion cannot be formed after election results. any such collusion will not be allowed to form government. (reelection or president rule if need be)

3) all collusion MUST name leader (CM or PM), cabinet ministers (name & post) BEFORE the election and ofcourse with backup nominees for unavoidable changes. any change after election has to be examined by EC for reasons(which should be non-political) & approval.

4) government should specific measurable agenda/target (for performance appraisal). target/goals, how to measure & when to measure can be mention by party and president/EC will do the checking as specified. failing that should result in recall.

5) all MP, MLAs, CM & PM has to be paid at power with CEOs/CFOs (in millions)

6) President should be elected by people and President role should be head to state (military, civil service, judicial, government) and to make government & civil service more accountable.

Please do comment to add or debate.

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