Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japanese Earthquake Insurance Payout

As the event unfold in Japan, I think big news and tragic stories will be how insurance companies are skipping out on payments and shilling the payouts they do make. Don't think Big Insurance is actually going to do the right thing here.

Japanese life insurance companies holds a lot of US treasuries. I wonder if those Japanese insurance companies (and Japanese gov. )have to sell some US treasuries to fund their liabilities. But will Japan sell it's US treasury holdings to pay for the cleanup and how much of it?

my guess to focus to be- while wouldn't be allowed to act in their own interest and do anything to offend the US gov (i.e military) in their current help efforts. But it would be a great act of generosity on the part of the US to allow without prejudice, Japan to use its savings for this most spectacular of rainy days.

Will be very interesting to see JPY trade (especially against EUR and USD) on Sunday night after initial reaction to the upside.

Fukushima (Blessed Island) …Trinity Unleashed…

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