Thursday, June 26, 2008

Business Process Modeling

Most Business will formulate requirements for system change/implementation in some form of write-up and those requirements translated into product(technically code) often at distance shores and mostly from those who don't understand business very well (/in some worst case- misunderstanding it from different market practices or past experience).

Result ofcourse is implementation overrun schedule, budget. I think most of us be there.

Business Process Modeling based implementation framework will address to most of the traditional challenges of IT’s implementation.

BPM provides BAs with the ability to model the processes and System Designers (SD) with the ability to run what the BAs had modeled with almost no alterations. There is no gap between BAs and SDs in this method. It seems like a clear, simple, and proven concept to accept & implement for both sides, as it benefits both sides with increased business agility and decreased time-to market.

SOA based BPM with help address almost all major problems system management, Optimization cost of implementation and moving away from legacy systems/processes will be made easier & faster, better Business agility, better change management.

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